There is so many varying opinions on what makes a preppy style. Is it expensive? Is it snobbish? Is it all button ups, layers, and Vineyard Vines? Honestly, I own nothing of Vineyard Vines — although I am partial to the pastel shirts and one day if I come across something I love, I will purchase it.

I’ll explain preppy in my own way. To me a preppy style is a clean/classic look with well fitting pants, button up shirts, lighter colors, and appropriate accessories and shoes. My style today is essentially my version of preppy. Minus the monogram necklace, which I do have.

Classic Pieces

My look is classic and timeless with quality pieces that I can wear for more than a standard year or two. Ya know those styles that are trendy that go in and out of style like boat shoes, uggs, and flare jeans (which are making a comeback).


My look does not include leggings and spirit jerseys, but includes classic white jeans, button up, and a rain jacket. If you’re really feeling frisky, you can layer two button ups.

Classic Flats 

These Coach flats are easily wearable for long hours, have enough support and are fashionable. That’s ideally the most important feature is that they fit the look. For myself I go with comfort and fashion. Best of both worlds.

Designer Handbag and Understated Jewelry 

If your handbag is overstated, then your jewelry should be understated. Classic diamond or pearl earrings work best with a simple necklace, watch (don’t forget the timepiece), and rings.



There ya have it, a simple preppy outfit from your wardrobe. Preppy does not have to be a pastel or certain color, it can be any. Although my wardrobe has a lot of blue!

blue and white preppy spring 1 blue and white preppy spring 2 blue and white preppy spring 5 blue and white preppy spring 3 blue and white preppy spring 8 blue and white preppy spring 11 blue and white preppy spring 14 blue and white preppy spring 15 blue and white preppy spring 17



CLOTHING: TOP: Gap | Jacket: Tommy Hilfiger, Sold Out – Similar Here | JEANS: Abercrombie and Fitch| HANDBAG: Louis Vuitton | SHOES: Coach