I am beyond excited to start planning for my trip to New York City at the end of this month! Andrew and I are traveling to NYC for two days en route to a wedding in Connecticut, where we will also travel on to Rhode Island. More about those two states later. I want to focus on NYC!


I’ve been to NYC once before, in the blustering cold winter while celebrating New Years Eve. While my trip was not unpleasant, I found NYC to be an undesirable destination. The amount of people, trash, and debris and mess of the city during that weekend made me want to stay away forever. But I must be more forgiving and visit the City during the summer months, when there is less of a hoopla and shenanigans running the streets 🙂


I have one thing set in stone for this entire trip so far. We’re staying at 1 Hotels Central Park. If you’ve never stayed at a 1 Hotels location (currently only Central Park, NYC and South Beach, Miami) you’re in for a treat. 1 Hotels South Beach has by far been the best hotel I’ve ever stayed at, and when I stayed last August it wasn’t fully renovated. They were still adding an expanded gym and cafe. I’m excited to see what the Central Park Location has to offer!

So, I’m counting on you guys and gals for recommendations!!! What should we see, do, eat, shop in New York City?!?!?!

Here’s some images of Central Park.


1-hotel-central-park 1-Hotel-CP-Wide-Lobby_54_990x660

And here is some images of when we stayed in South Beach –

onehotel onehotelsb2