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Maximizing a Preppy Style Wardrobe


There is so many varying opinions on what makes a preppy style. Is it expensive? Is it snobbish? Is it all button ups, layers, and Vineyard Vines? Honestly, I own nothing of Vineyard Vines — although I am partial to…


Spring in with Pink Dress

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This dress is absolutely one of my favorites, and it’s been hard to not wear it to important events. I’ve worn it to weddings, Easter, date nights – you name it, it’s perfect for the occasion.


Ways to Transition to a Spring Wardrobe


Making the transition from winter to spring fashion can be challenging. This time of year weather can fluctuate from snow, rain, to warm sunny skies. It’s best to always be prepared for a weather change, but what if you want…


A Chic Floral Dress


  The weather in Ohio has been absolutely beautiful! This past weekend was the perfect time to break out this floral dress and walk along the river. This floral dress is absolutely one of my favorites.  


Bucket List Adventures


Have you ever sat down and just thought, I need to put a bucket list together or I need to add this particular item to my bucket list? Bucket lists are by definition a list of things to do before…


Fitness Fashion to Amp your Workout

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Have you ever decided on a workout based upon your fitness attire? I know I have, and I still do. Society tells us that the way we look dictates how we feel. If you’re wearing flattering, comfortable, fashionable clothes your…


Styled in Ann Arbor, Graffiti Alley.


This was one of my favorite shoots probably because of the graffiti in the background, the abundance of color, and the outfit. I adore this vest and am always looking for ways to style it. This dress I purchased for…


Red Stripes – Classic Spring.


Sometimes when winter transitions to spring, the weather can be terrible. Like below the freezing point terrible. That’s why I always fall back on classic styling to transition into spring fashion. For this look I went with my favorite white…


One size fits all? I don’t think so.


Clients often act surprised when I say there’s no such thing as a one size fits all health plan. We all have different body types, needs, and therefore need to create our own unique system to get the best results….